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About Us

BFP Creative is the newest subsidiary of Brooklyn Fire Proof, a creative spaces company based in Brooklyn, NY.

BFP Creative is the culmination of over 20 years of interaction with the creative culture of NYC. It is both a collection of work and a celebration of the people making it, a resource, an opportunity and a show and tell. BFP Creative uses the facilities and resources that are a part of Brooklyn Fire Proof as a whole to promote, support and experience the work of emerging talents. We are interested in helping artists stretch beyond the limits of what they can achieve alone.

BFP Creative provides support to other nonprofits and arts organizations in the community to help preserve the services they offer and extend their reach. We are constantly striving to maintain art in the everyday, any way we can.

If you like what you see, please participate. We have relationships with many of the artists we have worked with, and can help negotiate price points for all levels of participation, payment plans and we will work with your budget. Don’t be shy, just ask. We believe that good art needs to be shared, regardless of whether we profit financially. Our goal is to make it known how fantastic these artists are, because we genuinely love their work and admire them as individuals. We dedicate our minds, bodies and resources to that mission. These CREATIVES have informed our own work from a deeply emotional instinctual place. We are better artists and better people for experiencing their pursuits. On we travel together.

Please share what you see with your friends and loved ones, it makes all the difference.